New in South Europe: Yoga (almost) without gravity

Yoga on a mat? Boring!
Yoga fans try out the new Yoga in the air and they are thrilled.
Aerial Yoga is currently all the fashion among American celebrities.
In the Aerial Yoga Center by Dani guests can dangle from the ceiling on Crete as well.

The Aerial Yoga Center near Chania has provided a pavilion on a roof terrace with sea view for that. The Yoga teachers mounted Aerial Yoga Hammocks on the ceiling for that. Their students float towards their balance in them. On the one hand, this relives the body and it also simplifies upside-down Yoga positions. They do not touch the floor while doing so, which makes hanging around easier as well. Aerial Yoga is suited both for Yoga beginners as well as Yoga professionals. The three-dimensional Yoga experience is for ages starting from 16 and it is unique in the Southern European area.

Our special Aerial Yoga course:

Fun and adventure come first. Protection, Game, Security.
It aims deep to our innermost, this is our Aerial Yoga course: FLY ME TO MY SPIRIT ©
A baby in a sling must feel something similar: a gentle movement, held and protected.
Asanas take place in weightlessness as a reverse-exercise.


  • When hanging, you can let your body go more easily and you can feel the expanisions in your body better.
  • The upside-down positions relieve the spine, this way your back can relax – this is especially good for people with back problems.
  • Internal Organs are massaged and all important muscle groups are strenghtened; the lower postural muscles in particular.

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